Teeth Grinding, Clenching and Associated Jaw Pain


Certain conditions such as stress or poor alignment of teeth can cause problems such as teeth grinding. This is often due to the muscles of the mouth not being comfortable and tense.

Other conditions such as malalignment of the teeth cause the jaw muscles to stretch, strain and contract to find a comfortable bite. This can cause the jaw muscles and associated jaw joint to become tender and painful.

Overtime long term damage to the teeth can also occur. To help resolve this issue a removable mouthguard called a Splint can be made. These are designed to provide relief of acute pain and also help retrain the jaw muscles to help them relax.

These splints are often worn at night. However sometimes these treatments need to be more sustained or worn during times of active stress. It is not always acceptable to wear them in social and work environments.

An alternative to dental splints is a revolutionary device called Cerezen. This small, hidden device is custom made to fit inside your ears. The device helps breaks the habit of clenching, grinding and tension of the muscles and can reduce pain considerable.

To find out if any of the options we provide for jaw pain, tension headaches, teeth grinding (bruxism) or clenching please speak to your dentist about the option which is right for you.