Digital Dentistry At S3 Dental


the future of dentistry is here

Digital technology is taking over. Dentistry is no longer confined to physical models but is now embracing digital technology. Full integration with digital x-rays and CT Scans allows for S3 Dental to provide a fully digital solution to your oral care. Our digital product range includes, the Trios Intra Oral Scanner, The Cerec Omnicam and Duerr Dental Dental Imaging.

Trios Intra Oral Scanning

The Complete Digital Examination

Trios intra oral scanning

Trios Intal Oral Scanning allows for the complete digital examination.

The incredibly accurate scan carried out without any xrays and in a completely safe and comfortable procedure allows for your dental care to be second to none.

Cerec Dentistry

The Single Visit Dental Crowns Solution

cerec dentistry

Cerec dentistry allows for single visit dental procedures such as crowns, veneers and many other laboratory procedures to be carried out at S3 Dental.

Beautiful all ceramic restorations are made using the CADCAM technology.

digital x-rays and scanning

Our digital x-rays allow us to provide accurate diagnostic information with a reduced radiation dose compared to traditional film x-rays.

Digital x-rays not only reduce the radiation exposure to patients but also produce digital images that can be evaluated and assessed by powerful digital software that can analyse the x-ray and find early signs of dental decay that the human eye cannot detect.