Tired of Dentures?


Have you lost multiple teeth or can’t stand your dentures or false teeth any longer? If so, an implant-retained denture may be your best option. Modern dentistry helps patients who have lost all of their teeth, or whose remaining teeth can not be saved, to have dental implants placed in a single day.

At S3 Dental, we know that there are many reasons to replace your missing teeth and that’s why we encourage our patients to undergo treatment with implant-supported dentures in London, surrey and Sussex. This is a fast, efficient and comfortable solution that will give you a second chance at enjoying that feeling of a mouth full of stable, fixed teeth.


Advantages of Implant-Retained Dentures

Implant retained dentures  are implants which are located onto implants, therefore provide a much more stable solution compared to conventional removable dentures.  Depending on which jaw and bone quality, they usually require either two implants (lower jaw) or 4 implants (upper jaw).  The denture is then fabricated to either clip into the implants or attach magnetically depending on the system.  This allows them to be removed like regular dentures when they require cleaning.

Other Options

If you are looking for a more fixed approach. an Implant-Retained Bridge could be the option for you.  Using the All-On-Four system, we at S3 can utilise this state of the art implant system to give your smile back.

If you are interested in Implant-Retained Dentures or Implant-Retained Bridges, then get in touch with your local S3 practice and request an implant consultation.