Clear Aligners vs Traditional Braces

Patients today have a choice when it comes to orthodontic treatment and straightening their teeth - choosing between clear aligners or traditional braces (brackets and wires).  Both methods of treatment have their advantages in different clinical situations.

At S3 Dental we carry out simple adult short term orthodontics or cosmetic tooth alignment.  In simple terms, we treat mild/moderate orthodontic problems (rotations, crowding, spacing) which involve a short course of clear aligners.  These clear aligners are able to tip and rotate teeth into a more aesthetic problems, For more complex orthodontic problems, we still recommend a referral to a specialist orthodontist.  This is especially when larger movements of teeth are required to close larger spaces or widen the dental arch.  

For the majority of cosmetic cases, where the patient is mainly concerned about the alignment of their front teeth, short term orthodontics using clear aligners is a great solution.  The majority of patients we treat are those who have had orthodontic treatment when they were a teenager, and the teeth have started to move back into their original positions. 


Main Advantages


  1. Visibility - the main reason adults choose clear aligners over traditional braces are their discreteness - they appear invisible.  Although diminishing there is still a stigma behind wearing braces, therefore it is becoming more popular with teenagers too.

  2. Removability - clear aligners need to be worn 22 hours a day (only to be removed to eat) otherwise the treatment is unpredictable.  This means the teeth will either take longer to move or not move at all.  However, removing them briefly enables the patient to keep to their normal oral hygiene routine and effective cleansing between teeth,

  3. Cost - the cost associated with minor corrections using the Invisalign and Clear Correct systems at S3 Dental are more economical and cost-efficient than a referral to a specialist for traditional braces.

  4. Eating - by removing the aligners the patient can eat and drink without restrictions or worrying about certain foods damaging the braces.

  5. Time-Efficient - less appointments to the dentist to change the wires or to tighten the braces - this is because a batch of aligners can be given to the patient to change aligners by themselves every 2 weeks.


If you are considering tooth straightening and would like to know you options, discuss it with your dentist at your next check up or speak to our reception teams to book in for a specific orthodontic consultation.